Looking back on Our first trip in 2011!


Our first trip in 2011!

The captain and his first mate! Believe it or not this picture was snapped on our very first trip together back in 2011! We rented a house boat along with 8 other friends and spent 5 glorious days basking in the sun and cruising around on Lake Powell which is 1/2 in Arizona and 1/2 in Utah. Little did we know 2 years later we would be embarking on a 3 month adventure to a part of the world I only dreamed of ever visiting. In exactly 1 week from today we will have our BAG, thats right one Backpack for each of us, packed with what we believe to be necessities, for a 3 month stretch!

Its mind boggling how much STUFF we as people collect over the years, packing up our apartment, our lives, and putting it into a closet really makes you question materialism. Nevertheless narrowing it down to just a handful of clothing articles was not an easy task!

I cant express enough, how lucky i feel to be able to go on this journey with my best friend in the whole world! I can only imagine what kind of adventures we will find ourselves in!

As we live and create our memories, I hope you all enjoy following us through our words!

So long for now!




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