First day in Bangkok


Jet lagged weary eyes, and stomach full of butterflies, we awoke this morning, ready to see what was outside our front door. The Napaprk hostel that we are staying in, is rated the #1 hostel in Bangkok and it definitely fits the bill. Clean rooms, which you  need a key to get into, curtains for privacy between bunks, showers, and delicious coffee. It is in the  heart of the Khao San Rd. Madness which is a huge street filled with street vendors, cloths, massage shops, bars, and tuk tuks. So of course we said YES to all!

Breakfast for 2 $ 5

Fake Ray Ban sunglasses- $ 7

Gypsy Pants- $ 7

1 hour Thai Massage-$ 8

Pad Thai Lunch- $ 1

Water Bottle – .10 cents

beer- $ 3

Being in Bangkok = Priceless!

Keep in mind we are on a strict $25 a day!


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  1. Overpriced!! Just you wait… We just got a $5 hour massage on the beach on Phu Quoc island and $.35 beers… We leave for Cambodia today. 2 weeks til we see you!!!

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