Unexpected change of plans


People always tell you to expect the unexpected when traveling. experienced travelers warn you not to plan too far in advance. Well novice us we did the opposite and thinking we were unstoppable. WRONG!

As some of you might know MIke has had some pretty uncomfortable stomach issues for the last 3 months. DAys before our trip he even found himself at the doctors trying to find an answer. Well a week into our trip his symptoms have only worsened. I am sure the stress of a new place, food, water etc. is only weakling his stomach even more.

So we decided after anther day of a agony to postpone/cancel the rest of our island hoping part of Thailand and head back up to Bangkok so mike can be seen at an international digestive health and disease clinic. Some of the best doctors in the world are here in Bangkok so we have high hopes that this will be the answer to his bowel movements!

I have to say that tonsai beach has roughed usboth up a bit! sunburned body’s covered in bug bites and gurgling stomachs we feel a bit defeated! However our spirits are high and I know all of you wwill put mike on your thpughts. Send us some love, aloe and itch relief!!

we will keep you posted!!


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