Bedbugs and Golfcarts!


Our most recent adventure involved loads of Bedbugs and a golf cart! How do these two things relate to each other you ask?!

It all started off with us booking a hotel at the Best Bangkok House. Which later turned out to be the WORST Bangkok House! After landing at the airport the other night, we decided to try our luck with the public transportation, since up to this point we had taken tuk tuks and taxis everywhere. The Subway wasnt hard to navigate, and it was cheap cheap $3 for the two of us. After getting off at our stop, the hotel said it was only 500 meters away, i guess thats a little over a track field. It took us 1 hour of walking around in the dark, to find our hotel, down a dark long ally, where there seemed to be a local street curb rave going on?!

The hotel from the outside looked like a slanted haunted house. After grudgingly going inside, we checked in and were escorted to our room. When we opened the door, we were instantly taken a back by the odor of moldy cigarettes, and death. The bed had stains all over it, and the leather chair had stuffing coming out of it! I instantly started complaining, until i saw the mini bar and chugged a beer to calm the nerves! We were going to suck it up and stay the night, until I remembered what my Gramma told me about hotel mattresses. “Always pull back the sheets to see the mattress, then turn the lights on, to see if their are bedbugs”. I did exactly that and both Mike and I recoiled with surprise…BEDBUGS! Also i might add, that 3 winters ago Mike had a horrid experience with Bedbugs, resulting in an exterminator and moving apartments..SO we packed up our bags in a hurry and ran out the door.

Now, I must say we had been in Thailand for 7 days when this occured, during those 7 days, I can say from experience that Thai people move SLOW. Well not until they hear the word “BEDBUGS”!!! As soon as we told the front desk, all 3 of them were running around each other!

Part Two:

They wouldnt refund us our $38 dollars but instead they told us they would transfer us to another one of their property’s. By now it was 11pm and we were exhausted, so we agreed. When we went outside we had our very own private golf cart waiting for us! As our driver zoomed through the side streets, down ally’s, passed street vendors and making a stop at what looked like a brothel, i couldnt help but laugh at the craziness of our situation! When we got to our new hotel “Modern A-2” , i was relieved. Even though the hallways reminded me of an insane asylum, there were no bugs. Mike and I squished ourselves onto a twin bed that night, and passed out from the exhaustion of the whole experience.


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