Update: Mikes Health


I must say, that the hospital that we went to in Bangkok, was FAR superior then any I have ever seen or been to in the States. Everyone was extremely intelligent, orderly, clean, and spoke great English. After a whole day of taking tests (24th) and doing a colonoscopy. Which is surprising that they would fit one in on the same day. In the states it probably would have taken weeks. Then the following day at 5pm (25) we went in for the results. Mike has Ulcers in his small and large intestine, and the doctor diagnosed him with Ulcerative Colitis, which is categorized as an Irritable bowl diseases. He doesn’t need surgery or anything like that, however he is on 6 different types of medications and will be for the next couple  months until he goes into “remission”. So it wasnt the greatest news, but it also wasnt the worst. We are thankful that we were able to deal with this in a timely manner and that we now have an answer. It also means no alcohol. Which is probably for the best, it will save us both $$. For the rest of the trip. We will be taking it easy and trying to relax!




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