Riding Mopeds with White Knuckles!


If you have ever been to Asia then you know how absolutely chaotic the driving is here. There are no stop lights, no street signs and no police officers controlling the roads. And to top it all off in Thailand they drive on the wrong side of the road! So Mike and I must be out of our minds, because we decided to rent mopeds for a day! Now in our defense the island only has one road that encircles the entire island, so here is not much room for error, and we  specifically went to a place that gave out helmets.

We rode all day to explore the whole island. We saw monkeys, hiked up to a waterfall, where   i screamed like a little girl, scared of what i might find in the deep jungle. Mike even had to dodge a huge, most likely venomous snake that snapped at his ankles as he zoomed by.

All was great, until I decided to turn the moped around and drop it and fall into a big mud puddle! Luckily the bike and I escaped with mud residue over both of us! We started in the morning before everyone was out and about. But come afternoon, the roads swarmed with mopeds, taxis, stray dogs, and HUGE trucks. All on one road, really only wide enough for 1 vehicle. I must have been laughed at a 100x that day. Gripping the brakes as I went a mere 10 miles an hour up and down the windy steepest jungle road, made  me feel terrified and free all at the same time.

Not sure if I will be renting my very own moped anytime soon, but for $5 a day, I couldn’t resist. Besides, who really wants to be that girl who just clings onto her boyfriend while he takes control of the wheels! NOT ME! Bad girls go Big!



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  1. Alyssa, I feel the same way you do about elephants. Love them! We had a wonderful experience last year in Laos where the welfare of the animals come first. They had options for multi-day mahout training but unfortunately we didn’t have the time. Travel safe you two. Jacki

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