After the Hike, we had an afternoon, to relax and to prepare for the nights events. In the village of Keramass that we are living in, there is an annual 4 day celebration. We were invited to this event, by a couple girls who work at Slukat and we have learned that whenever invited to something, always accept!

The first night, is when you pray. All my experience within the Christian religion could never prepare me for what being a Hindu is all about. How could it?! Christians believe in one God, and Hindus believe in many Gods! So the girls came and helped us dress for the Temple.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWoman wear sarongs and cover  their shoulders.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Men wear 2 types of sarongs, covered shoulders, and a head piece.


When entering the temple it is customary to bring an offering, flowers, inncense or fruit are the most common. Skilled woman will carry their offerings in big baskets on their heads. The praying began with bells, and ended with  chimes. Three prayers, holding different flowers in your hands each time, after putting them into your hair. Then a priest comes by and splashes you with holy water. Then pours water into your hand 3x and you have to drink it from your hand 3x each time. After you take a handful of rice, and place it onto your forhead, neck, hair, and then eat it. Once you are finished you take your offering back with you, since the Gods have already recieved it and head back out.



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