Put your headlamp on!


So my last post, was delayed due to internet connection, as well as my pictures. I will do my best to upload them, because whats better then picture stories! This weekend was a total blast! It had pretty much every energy level activity in it.

It all started at 1:30 am on Friday morning/night however you want to look at it. We rose from a four hour slumber to start the jouney to Mount Batur. The 2nd larrgest active volcano in Bali.  Our first stop was to a coffee plantation! It was a first for me, but weary eyed ans excited we enjoyed bannanna pancakes and a variety of coffee at 4;00 Am! After we were talked into buying Ginseng Coffee we drove farther up the mountain, to where the trail began, and we met our guide. Before, I could even flick on my headlamp, I tripped overmyself and went tumbeling into the lava rock. Which in turn scraped up my hands and knees, turning myself into a bloody mess before the journey even began! Thinking that, our paid guide would have a first aid kit we made an unwise descision to leave ours at home, and to my unfortunate luck, no one did, so I had no other choice but to continue on, hoping my wounds wouldnt get infected!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It hasnt, Mike immediatly played doctor when we got back, and the salt water does wonders!


Being captured by the beauty of this island! Yes we are above the clouds at a mere 5,633 feet! (6:00 am)

The hike down was even better, we went the alternate route, which lead us to the largest crater, and through a farm village where we ate fresh ripe tomatoes right off the vine!



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