Valentines Day Debauchery !


It was not your typical Western Style Valentines Day, thats for sure. There was no mushy valentines day cards, no flowers and no chocolate covered hearts. WHAT?! Valentines Day without the commercialism?! This can not be true?! Well here in Bali we celebrate Valentintes Day in a more traditional manner.

We started the day, by going to visit the Holy Water. Which is a temple on a river with fresh springs coming out of a mountain. There was a whole ritual we had to perform, and with the help of our Balinese friends, they showed us the way.
We wore our traditional ceremonial wear and proceeded on getting soaking wet for the next hour in them. There were 8 different spouts of spring water gushing out of the mountain, each one we had to stand under while praying. It was by far the cleanest shower i have had since arriving in Bali!

After teaching class in the afternoon, we went to our friend Tommy’s family’s house to have a Valentines Day Dinner celebration.In Bali that means killing chickens! Since Mike and I were new to this, we had the honor of Killing our very own chicken TOGETHER! How Romantic does it get?! Warning: The following pictures are graphic!

1st Step Pick out your chicken!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2nd Step: Cut its throat!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3rd step: Let it do the chicken dance!

4th step: Put it in Boiling water, so you can then pluck the feathers off it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Note: There were a couple steps left after plucking the feathers off, but a bit too gruesome.

5th step: Cook over coconut fire.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Private cooking class with Neti, learning how to make Cap Cay! I will make it for all of you, i promise!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our feast that fed 25 people and took 4 hours to make and only cost $2o.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA of course a feast like this has to be finished off with dessert! Scroll up to step 2. Do you see the bowl of red chicken blood? After letting that sit around for 5 hours, we then fried it up and made a crispy blood patty! Boy was it delicious!



*At the end of this lovely evening, Mike drove me home (such a gentleman). He was going to have guy time. However upon my arrival into the bedroom, i saw the fattest, hairiest  meanest, spider next to my bed. AT LEAST THE SIZE OF MY HAND ! After having a mini panic attack, i fled the room, ran down the street, flagged down a helpless Balinese Man in his car, jumped in without permission, proceeded to beg him to drive me back to where mike was, bombarded the man time (where they were drinking homemade alcohol made out of roots), had Mike drive me back home, where he killed the beast with one swat of his shoe. Thats my Man!


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