Underwater World


Of course when you are in a foreign country you are constantly on the search for new sights to see. Realistically you do not even have to try hard to see something new. Every corner we make, every street we walk down, is eye catching.  But have you ever thought about what lies beneath the surface? An UNDERWATER WORLD! The ocean is home to thousands of creatures, with mountains that are even bigger than those on land. Throughout our travels Mike and I have been lucky enough to catch a peek of the mystery underwater. We have been Snorkeling in Ko Phi Phi and island off the coast of Thailand. We got sucked into the “tourist trap” where we spent $50 a person to do an all day snorkeling tour. It was fun, but as we continued on to Bali we found places to snorkel for $2 a person! In Bali we snorkeled in Amed which is on the eastern coast. We saw an Underwater temple there! Even Fish have to pray right?! Then we took a 4 day trip to the Gili Islands, which are 3 hours off the coast of Bali in Indonesia. We went snorkeling 1 day in Gili Trawangan and saw Sea Turtles! Even with  all of our snorkeling trips we wanted more! The Gili Islands are well known for its diving, so we thought heck why not?! We payed $59 per person for an all day private scuba diving lesson! First half of the day was in the pool practicing the techniques then in the afternoon we went diving at the Gili Meno slope. This dive site was home to sunken pier! We went down 12meters which is about 30 feet. The deepest down you can go as beginner divers. Unfortunately we didnt get and pictures of this, because we had to focus on our gear. However, the experience was incredibly surreal. NEVER in my life did i think i would go Scuba Diving! But once you are under the water, you actually feel like you are a fish! On our dive we saw a beautiful array of marine life, but the biggest underwater creature we came across, was a barracuda! Hopefully We get to do one more dive off the coast in Cambodia! I have attached a few pictures from our adventures. Hope you enjoy! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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