I apologize for the lack of posts. Since we left Bali 2 weeks ago, it has been non stop on the go traveling. I have every intention to keep you all posted on this epic journey we are on. However at this rate, i might be back in the states before i can fully catch up on all the great stories i want to share with you! Up to this point we have seen chaing mai, Pai, both in Thailand. Then we crossed over into Laos a week ago, where we did the Gibbon Experience (zip lining, tree house sleeping) saw Luang Prabang, and went tubing/rock climbing in Vang Vieng. Currently our bus leaves in 20 minutes to the capital of Laos Vientiane where we will then take a plane to Hanoi Vietnam tomorrow. WE opted on the 1 hour plane ride as opposed to the 30hour bus ride. We have 28 days left in South East Asia, and it is not NEARLY enough time to see and do all we want. I will post another blog when we make it over yet another border! SMILES! 😉


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  1. How wonderful!! Truely a trip to be remembered for the ages… Currently I’m in Cold Bay Alaska surrounded by awesome (active) volcanos, working outside with winds and temps that would chill a icecream. Enjoying your posts and pictures.
    Love you Both

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