Gibbon Experience – Laos


Okay People, This was BY FAR THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF ALL TIME! We totally splurged and spent $400 to to feel like your flying. The Gibbon Experience, is located in the Bokeo nature reserve, which is a protected Forrest within Laos. For years the Laos people thought that the Gibbon monkeys were extinct due to poaching. But 10 years ago they found a family of Gibbons living in this Forrest and decided to turn the poachers into trekking guides. We signed up for the 2 day 1 night tour which unfortunately didn’t bring us deep enough into the jungle to see theses mystical creatures, but nevertheless the experience we were about to have was EPIC!

We were expecting to be with a big group of people as we put on our harnesses and began a 3 hour trek in to the jungle, buit when we arrived, we learned that we were the only ones. Yet another private tour! After hiking for about 2 hours straight up  man made bamboo jungle stairs, we arrived at our first zipline! Did i forget to mention, that this whole experience is a combination of zip lining ABOVE the jungle canopy and then ultimately sleeping in a huge tree house?! We took 10 different ziplines ranging from 300 meters-700 meters in length! Thats around 1600 feet long! Not to mention how high we were! I think the highest point was also 700 meters above the jungle floor! FLYING , through the sky! The whole system was pretty fool proof, harness, double caribeener clip ins, and to stop was a hand brake made out of old rubber tires.

The experience of literally flying through the sky in the middle of a Laos Jungle was worth every last penny. Then to top it all off, we stayed a night in our very own private 3 story treehouse, that was probably 150 feet high! We had all of our meals zip lined in for us, our bed overlooked the cast jungle, and going to bathroom was literally into a pot that had a tube attached to it that led to the bottom of the jungle floor! EPIC!

Of course though, we did not have a peaceful night sleep, oh no. A huge storm rushed in, down pouring onto our tin roof. We spent the night listening to the rain and watching the lightning light up the dark night sky. All the while hoping that our guide wasnt going to show up to emergency evacuate us! Thankfully the morning came with no horror stories, and we were ready to zip line back out of the jungle.

After a 2 hour hike DOWN man made bamboo jungle stairs we arrived at this little river where we spent the afternoon eating, sunbathing, and spearfishing!




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