Rock Climbing


Being the adrenaline junkies that we are, of course we had to give rock climbing a go when we were in Chaing Mai, Thailand. After paying 120$ for the 2 of us, we had signed ourselves up for am all day private rock climbibng course. Both of us have climbed before, but neither of us had climbed together. I think its a true test to our relationship. You have to TRUST the person who is belaying you as your clung onto a rock hundreds of feet up, like a lizard, RIGHT?! And I have to admit, I was excited to show off my climbing skill! 😉 We had 2 great guides who were brothers. They entertained us for the day with their stories of being a monk. In Thailand every male is expected to become a monk for at least 3 months of his life, and these 2 had just finished their duties. We spent the day at the Crazy horse buttress. In the picture you can kind of see a horse face, hence the name. We got 7 different climbs in. The hardest and most exciting was a chimney climb called “pumpkin” which in thai means “fuck”! I am pretty sure that word got used in abundance, by many different people.  It was rated a 5.10 which is pretty difficult. Basically you spread your feet and hands out and shimmy yourself up. I have to say the only reason why i tried to attempt this at first was for a good picture, but then my ego wouldn’t let me quit until i reached the top! Which i DID! I was the only girl there to so i had to impress! With our hands bloody, and muscles sore we ended the day with an ice cold beer and a 60 minute message in a chair on the side of a road during a night market for $5! LIFE IS GOOD!



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