Ho Chi Min City- Saigon


Our last stop in Vietnam! Ho Chi Min City, Saigon to the Locals. Once again we were pleasantly surprised. After hearing other travelers reviews of the old capital of the south, we were expecting Bangkok on Crack.  But it was not at all as clustered and dirty as Bangkok. Saigon has parks, museums, markets, bookstores, and lots of culture!

We spent 2 nights here, and even though I am not a city girl, I could have stayed here much longer. We booked a tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels, which are an hour outside of town. The Cu Chi tunnels were where the Vietcong lived and hid for 7 years. It is a vast underground tunnel network that was over 100 miles long and up to 30 feet deep! We were told that at one point 13,000 people lived underground in these tunnels. It was incredibly fascinating learning how the Vietcong were able to outsmart the American/southern Vietnamese forces. I will spare all the details for a different time, but once we entered into the tunnels it was an extremely claustrophobic and dark experience! The tunnels that we went into were not even the original size. They had to make them bigger in order for tourists to view them. The real size of the tunnels were like 2 feet wide. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mike was brave enough to to test out some of the secret passage ways that lead to the tunnels!

At the end of the day we payed $17 to shoot an Ak-47! 10 bullets I shot 1 and it was terrifying. I can not even imagine what the soldiars went through during the Vietnam War.


To end the day we went to the war remnants museum. It was 3 stories high full of extremely graphic pictures taken during the Vietnam war. It was very moving and eye opening to the 1970’s. A fruitless war, that near destroyed both America and Vietnam. No pictures were taken here.

That night we had a few street beers for $25 cents, and some dragon eggs!


Mike is such a ladies Man! (awkward)


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  1. The horrors of Vietnam are still real to us older fellows. The sacrafices that still have scars physically and mentally. I enjoy the fact your there and its now a stop for toressts. The wonder of life is memory of the past/ the beauty of life is forgiveness

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