NaTrang and DaLat-Vietnam


We spent 1 night in Natrang and 2 nights in Dalat.

Natrang was our first stop arriving at 6 am. We booked a hostel beforehand and sent them an email asking them to have a room available for us, once we arrived. In the past all the places we have stayed were very accommodating. However, once we arrived here they said our room would be available at noon. So we decided to spend the day at the beach! It was a beautiful beach, with warm water, and a perfectly Hot day. Mike bought us 40 cent corn on the cob which was our lunch that day surprisingly delicious! At 3:00pm we decided we had enough of the beach so we wen back to our hostel to check-in, and they told us our room wouldn’t be available until 6:00 pm!!! They had let the previous guests of the room stay as long as they wanted!  We were PISSED at this point! After yelling at the extremely unhelpful man behind the desk we demanded our bags and passports and left.  Here’s the kicker, a girl overheard the situation and the same thing had happened to her earlier! She was super helpful and brought us to a hotel a couple blocks away ON THE BEACH, that was only $10 and the staff there were GREAT! So in the end our hotel situation worked out for the best, but you cant help but think if this had happened in the states, we would have been upgraded to a suite most likely and received it for free!

We had a GREAT dinner that night, at a locals restaurant where they gave you your own mini bbq, with meats, shrimp, and vegies! We had a feast, and Mike got to be the BBQ man, which he has missed dearly! We ate so much that the restaurant ran out of food!



The next day we went to Dalat, which was 4 hours away. Now we were really excited about Dalat, and actually chose to not go to Sapa so we would have time for “the alps of Vietnam”. Dalat is more like the rolling hills of southern california! It is also dubbed the honeymoon capital of vietnam, or the petit paris! WRONG! I told Mike if this is where we went on honeymoon I would become the run away bride. Haha no not really…But it wasn’t exactly what we had imagined, the city was dirty and lacked culture.

However the countryside was beautiful. We payed for a countryside tour with 2 local Vietnamese guides, and the day was very entertaining.


Dalat province is full of flower fields, vegetable gardens, coffee plantations and MUCH more.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We had the chance to try Weasel coffee, which is where the weasels eat the coffee berry, poop it out, and then brew coffee out of it! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We went to a silk farm, where they breed silk worms and then turn their cocoons into long strands of silk! The Silk factory was filled with women using old looms. Reminded me of Lowell Massachusetts during the industrial revolution. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We went to a cricket farm and Mike got to eat fried crickets! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hiked to a huge waterfall know as Elephant falls.


Saw houses surrounded in strawberry fields!


Visited a “minority” house, which actually means “poverty”. It was a small impoverished village.


After getting  stuck in a torrential  downpour on mopeds! We eventually pulled over to wait out the storm under a bamboo thatched roof, along with 15 other vietnamese people, we went to the “crazy house”, which was  an incredibly intricate and CRAZY hotel/museum. The artist is unknown but im guessing he might be related to Gaudi!




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