Our Home away from Home


After about 10 months of planning, one month of packing, 2 weeks of road tripping, 3 hours driving to the airport, 3 plane rides, 15 hours in the air, 40 minute train ride, and 40 minutes walking the streets aimlessly trying to find our new apartment……we made it!!! Behold our new home in Nagoya Japan!!

We’ve been here for exactly 19 days and our home is starting to feel a little more cozy. Coming here in a total of 6 bags between the 2 of us didn’t leave much room to pack home essentials so we’ve spent the last few weeks trying to find the odds and ends that we need to make home..well home! As much as I love travelling, really I do! I do love “nesting”! We have all the furniture we need now…all we need is a few personal touches…so if anyone is willing to send us maybe a Colorado flag or a few pictures it would make us smile!!


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  1. Hello Good Morning: Minus -14 degrees in Fort Yukon.. 8 more days of work and I have the rest of the year off… Yea haa… I will look forward to your blogs and photos.! I spoke with Jake Sunday, he is moving to Denver, I also had a chat with your Mom…… All is well here with me, sounds like you two are adjusting well. I miss you both

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