Mike and I both have Sundays off so its our goal to make it a funday…Sunday Funday! We heard a lot of hype about a place named Korankei; just 2 hours outside of Nagoya. Supposedly it hosts some of the “best” Autumn leaves around. So we thought we’de go check it out. Getting there was pretty easy. We just jumped on the Nagoya Meitetsu Line and got from Nagoya Station and got off at Higoshi Okazaki which took about 30 minutes and cost 660 yen. Then we got on bus 8 heading towards Asuke. The bus ride took 1 hour and cost 800 yen.

However. once we got close to Korankei the traffic became atrocious, it seemed like you could walk quicker then the cars were moving…so that’s exactly what we did!  When we arrived into town the swarms of people  became thicker. We first walked through a little market place and grabbed a few snacks to fill our stomachs. Since we don’t know what any of the food is we just let our eyes choose and hope for the best! We tried Goheimochi Rice Cake, which was basically grilled sticky rice on a skewer with some sort of soy sauce on it. A sausage, which looked and tasted just like a normal pork sausage (we hope), and a grilled coleslaw pancake. All were pretty good! Things we did not try: octopus tentacle cake balls, and a variety of other weird looking fish things.

After walking through the marketplace we headed towards the main attraction, Mount Iimori. It really should be called Iimori Hill, because it was only maybe 800 meters tall. But since we haven’t had many chances to go hiking we trekked up it and were surprised to see how many Japanese woman were also hiking up it in heels! Like pointy stiletto ones! The top didn’t have a grand view or anything but it did have some nice foliage and a benched area to rest.

We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling along the riverside and mostly people watching…since there were so many! The foliage was a bit blah..not sure if we missed the peak, or if the peak has yet to happen..mother nature seems a bit confused.

Getting home that evening was a bit of a struggle. Since there were literally thousands of people trying to get to Korankei the traffic was super backed up which meant that all of the public buses were behind scheduled and overflowing with people. It took us 2 hours to get on a bus and once we finally did we spent the hour ride standing squished together like sardines. My face was literally pressed against a window that’s how tight it was! All together it was a great day. The only thing I regret was not having my camera ready when we saw a man pushing a cat in a stroller. That’s right.. I guess even cats like to foliage too!


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