Hokkaido Bound

Hokkaido Bound

A huge reason why we decided to move to Japan as opposed to anywhere else in the world was because of the snow. Or as I should say the only way I was able to convince Mike to make the move was to bribe him with snow. So that’s why we decided for our 2 week winter vacation to fly up to Hokkaido in search of that magical snow everyone keeps talking about up there.



To show you where we were I added the map above. We live in Nagoya which is in the Chubu District (teal blue) and Hokaido is the northernmost island of Japan. In regards to transportation our options were taking a very expensive 12 hour train train or a pretty cheap ($225 roundtrip) 1 hour 45 min flight.  So we opted for the Jetstar flight!

10 days, 9 nights, 3 towns,  6 days of skiing, 4 ski resorts, and A LOT of delicious food! If we can’t be home for the holidays going to the Snowy mountains of Japan is the next best option. Stay tuned for the full story over the next few days!


Dragging our 190 cm bag through the city not an easy task.


Mike playing on the travelator


It took 2 little Japanese woman to handle the bag.


I always wanted a little pink car! Our trusty car that drove us through all the snow and blizzards! We named her Snorkel Snow Buster Fluster because she had to stay afloat all the snow and was constantly having issues stay defrosted.



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