Christmas Eve in Sapporo


We arrived in Sapporo on the evening of December 23rd and decided to spend December 24th exploring what the city had to offer. We stayed at the Waya Hostel which was in a convenient location, cheap, and had really comfortable privateish bunkbeds.

Our first stop in the morning was to the wholesale fish market. We quickly memorized the phrase ” Shisyoku iidesuka kudasai ?” which mean “can I try some please?” And so at 11 am in the morning our breakfast consisted of delicious fresh crab, grilled white fish, and a whole bunch of sushi.

With our stomachs full we made a quick stop at the Sake Museum where we tried a few sips of the local Sake, Mike liking it a whole lot more than myself.

No trip to Sapporo is complete without visiting the Sapporo Beer Museum. We had a great time here learning about the history of the Brewery, buying 200 yen beer from a vending machine and then stuffing our stomachs with Ghengis khan (self grilled lamb).

Now as I’ve mentioned in a previous post the Japanese celebrate Christmas kind of like how Americans celebrate Valentines Day. It’s a couples holiday and when we went to Sapporo’s TV tower that night we were in for a big surprise at how festive everything was! There was a German Christmas Market, lots of Christmas illumination, even Santa was there! It was a fun surprise that made December 24th feel festive and put us in the spirit.

Even though we gorged ourselves all day we were still hungry for dinner! We found ourselves in the infamous Ramen Alley . We heard that typically it gets pretty busy but we somehow beat the dinner rush and quickly found ourselves a seat at Kumakichi. Ramen Alley is awesome. Its a small street with tiny shops that offer anywhere from 8-12 bar seats in each  restaurant. We chose at random and for once I ordered the better bowl! Butter corn Ramen!

Even though we had a a full day we weren’t quite ready to call it a night so we headed to a great little trendy bar called Provo that the hostel host recommended. We had a few homemade ginger ale and whiskey drinks chatted with the bartender and learned a little more about Sapporo life.

Overall, our first day In Hokkaido was a blast and surely a Christmas Eve to remember!


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