Christmas in Furano


Merry Christmas!! We started off the day by waking up nice and early (7am) to go pick up our rental car. After much back and forth on whether we should rely on public transportation to get everywhere or rent a car and risk driving it on the other side of the snowy roads; we opted for the rental. Mike was confident enough about his driving abilities and I thought it would be nice to have our own set of wheels to have a little bit more freedom and flexibility on our trip. Since we were eager to start our day we forwent the normal cup of coffee that usually jump starts my day. Which then caused us to get on the subway the wrong way and then getting to our stop and walking in circles for 20 minutes till we found Nippon Rental  . It didn’t damper the mood at all just made us realize that coffee is a mandatory asset in the morning.

We chose Nippon Rent a Car because their website was the easiest to navigate online, had the cheapest prices, and offered a ski rack which was mandatory because there was no way we were getting Mikes 182 cm skies into the car. Check-in was incredibly easy taking a whopping 10 whole minutes to sign the paperwork! Gotta love Japans efficiency. So even with our little morning setback we were still on time. When they brought out our car I literally let out a squeal of excitement..A PINK CAR!!! Mike is still not convinced that this was a coincidence.

Once we headed back to the hostel and loaded up the car we were ready to hit the road. Furano Bound! Mike quickly got the hang of the car situation and 160 km 2.5 hours later and a whole lot of blizzard driving we were there!

We got to Furano right around noon and immediately found our way to the Furano Ski Resort  where we bought a 3 hour ticket for only $30! We were both really excited and eager to get on the mountain since it was our first day on the slopes this season! I’m always nervous my first day back on the hill, but since it was snowing everything was covered in a fluffy layer of powder, it gave me the confidence I needed. Truly it was a great first day on the mountain and thus far Hokkaido’s snow was living up to its name.

We checked in to our super cute and cozy airbnb that we had booked for only $17 pp/ night! It was literally a log cabin in the middle of a snowy field. A couple girls we know from work booked the same place too so we all got to spend Christmas night together.

We ate at Kumagera  which was amazing! We ordered raw oysters in sake and splurged on Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is basically a hot pot with cabbage, onions, spinach, local top quality beef, all layered together and covered with a caramelized sugar sauce. But what makes Sukiyaki so unique is that before you eat your bite your dip it into raw eggs! It’s funny how in the states everyone is paranoid about salmonella but here in Japan its no big deal. Literally the most delicious dish we’ve eaten so far.

We made our way back to the guest house where we ate local cheese, wine, and of course topped off the night with Japanese Christmas Cake from a Conveney.



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