Our One and Only Bluebird Day!


The next 2 days we tried our luck at a ski resort just 30 minutes down the road called Rusutsu. We had an incredible powder day that made us gitty with joy and the mountain was pretty much empty so there was no competition when it came to finding the best line. This was the Japan skiing we were hoping for! The mountain is spread out, full of great tree runs, and more importantly unpretentious. As I’ve mentioned skiing is pretty cheap in Japan about $45/day ticket, unlike at Vail where you pay $ 150 so it made our wallets happy too!!!

Another great perk of skiing in Japan is the little restaurants and cafes on the hill are also budget friendly with Ramen bowels for only 850 yen, you’d be lucky to get a bagel for $8 back in the states. So we were basically smitten kittens with our 2 days at Rusutsu and quickly felt at home on this mountain. Mike said the terrain reminded him of Homewood back in Tahoe so he really did feel at home.

On our way back to the guesthouse on the first day with the snow just piling up everywhere, the roads weren’t exactly in prime shape to be driving on. As we were driving slowly and responsibly a car just as small as ours flew by us with a Japanese man driving it; turned the corner, spun out of control, swerved sideways, went airborne and landed sideways into a snowbank!! We immediately put our hazards on and pulled over. Since the car was on its side the only access we had was to open to trunk which I immediately did,and thankfully the man was fine!! A little shocked, but other then that completely unharmed! What’s great about these little cars is that with enough man power..literally…you can just push them right side up again and keep on going! And thats exacrtly what Mike and 15 other guys did!

And finally after 8 days of non stop snow we got our second wish…. a bluebird day!!! Up until this point literally all we saw was clouds and snow, so you can imagine our excitement when they sun came out to play! We were able to actually see what our surroundings were! We tried to take as many photos as possible but sometimes photos can’t do the place justice. We felt so lucky to be able to see Mount Yotei the huge active volcano that makes this region so picture perfect. I would say it was a perfect way to end a somewhat perfect vacation.








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