Happy Bags & Haircuts!


Mid January and it seems like the New Years festivities just keep happening. The days that follow January 1st become a shoppers paradise. People go crazy for the chance to snag a good deal, and with every store offering huge discounts its hard not to get sucked into the frenzy. It all seems very much like Black Friday back in the states. One of the fun sales that Mike and I couldn’t resist were the Fukubukuro (Lucky) Bags or Happy Bags.


You buy the bag without knowing what’s inside at a pretty discounted price too! We decided to choose a bag from a household store called Natural Kitchen. We paid 1500 yen ($15) but the contents were worth 3000 yen…so about half off!


Once home we opened it up and found out what the big surprise was!


  • Slippers
  • animal print tin foil
  • hot plate coasters
  • napkins
  • a collapsible barrel
  • 2 reusable bags


And with a New Year here why not try out a New Hair look too! We were both in need of a haircut and so we made appointments at a salon literally right across the street from our apartment EARTH & Make . The stylists didn’t speak any English, but for 2100 yen each  we thought we’d take our chances.





New Hair 2016












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