Takayama, a Sister City to Denver


We recently had 2 days off in a row so we jumped for the chance to have a mini weekend getaway. We wanted to go to the mountains but with the lack of snow and the forecast being rain we decided to check out a neighboring town 2.5 hours Northwest of Nagoya called Takayama. Its’s even a sister city to Denver! 

To maximize our time we boarded a late bus on Saturday night after we got off from work. For $50 Roundtrip per person it was a better deal then any Greyhound bus would give you back at home!We arrived promptly at 9pm where we found our way to our guest house that we booked for only $ 75 for 2 nights! It was cozy, quiet, and cheap exactly what we wanted.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to make the most of our day in Takayama. First up breakfast at Komeda Coffee . For the price of 400 yen ($4) you can get a cup coffee a piece of toast and a little cup of egg salad. Pretty great deal if you ask me!

There are 2 morning markets in Takayama that we wanted to explore so we made our way to the first one where we sampled plenty of fresh crisp local apples and bought ourselves a handmade Sarubobo Doll . We asked the woman what it was and said “Happy Monkey Baby”. The Monkey baby has many meanings, it being good fortune, luck, or a happy marriage. I wouldn’t mind any of that.  🙂

We spent the day exploring the streets, visiting temples, snacking on food, and shopping. In the afternoon, we stopped by the tourist centers to pick up our bus tickets to Hida Folk Village when a group of high school students approached us and started to ask us questions about our experiences. They were practicing their English and even hoped to go to Denver one day for a student exchange program between the 2 cities! Just another reason why I love Colorado!

We headed over to the Hida Folk Village in the afternoon to check out traditional farm houses. The huts date back to the Edo period; which was between 1603-1867. They have steep slanted roofs that are covered with straw and grass to help with the weight of all the snow. However, as you can see from our pictures, there is no snow this winter!!!

To warm up from the cold drizzling weather we headed to the craft village where we got in touch with our artsy side! Mike chose to make homemade chopsticks and I tried my luck at wood burning and picture frame making. It was a fun way to the pass the time..even though I’m pretty sure our crafts look like a 5 year old made them.

More to come on our evening!






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