Onsens & Hida Beef


After a long rainy day of walking around and exploring Takayama we were ready to relax in a local onsen to get the chill off of us. There are many great natural onsens in the neighboring towns, but really only one Onsen in the actual town of Takayama. So we headed to the Green Hotel to do a little soaking. Unfortunately, they do not offer mixed pools so Mike and I were on our own. Since I had the whole place to myself I was able to snap a few photos to show you what a Japanese Onsen looks like!

Cost: 1000 Yen per person (actually a little expensive but a very nice facility). But this price includes a  privacy towel!

  • A privacy towel is a small rectangular towel used to cover your personal areas when walking around or changing pools. When your inside the pool just fold up the towel and place it on top of your head!

Step 1: Once inside make sure to properly and thoroughly rinse yourself off before entering the pools. All Onsens provide shampoo/conditioner/soap. But as you can see there’s no personal space.


Step 1


Step 2: Enjoy the inside pool first to warm yourself up.


Inside pools


Nice art work on the inside


Step 3: Go to the outside pool. Sorry the picture isn’t the best since it was really steamy.


Outside pool


Step 4: Once your finished relaxing, you can go back inside and fully shower, and use the nice amenities.


Inside changing room.

Once Mike and I were finished relaxing and freshening up we made our way to the restaurant that our hostel host had recommended. However, what no one told us was that because the following day was a holiday all the restaurants closed between 8-8:30pm!! After getting unlucky at the first 3 places we tried we finally settled for an overpriced western style steak restaurant. Even though it was a little pricey, the service was great and the food was delicious. Takayama is famous for its Hida Beef and so thats what we ate the whole weekend!

Restaurant Butchers Hida Takayama . You can get a 6 oz steak and an appetizer for 4000 yen. Definitely, overpriced, but it was top quality and with all the other restaurants in town closed we didn’t have many options.



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