Takayama Day 2


On our second day in Takayama we were supposed to go visit the Shinhotaka ropeway but the weather wasn’t on our side. So we decided to stay in town and check out more of what this place had to offer.

Across from our guesthouse was the most amazing french bakery; called Train Bleu. The name must of come from the train of people waiting outside turning blue from the cold weather! Japanese people love lines and we’ve noticed that we have started following suit too. Literally! After 20 minutes we made it inside and saw what all the fuss was about! It was like we walked right into Paris with delicious flaky buttery pastries filling the little shop. Originally we told ourselves we would choose 1 each…that quickly got forgotten as we walked out of the store with 5 different pastries.

Next up we decided to check out the Higashiyama Walking tour . We were able to fill up a good portion of the day exploring the mountainside and checking out the many different temples the were scattered throughout the border of town.

After our long walk we decided to eat a good lunch since dinner the night before was a little bit of a bust. We found a delicious and cozy lunch spot called Takumiya where we grilled up our on delicious Hida Beef.

It was the perfect way to end our weekend in Takayama. Until next time!


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