3 Month Japaniversary!


It’s hard to believe that this past weekend, on January 30th marked our 3 month Japaniversary! Boy, time does fly.Since we’ve been here we have done our best to immerse ourselves in all things Japanese, especially in the food realm. But for our 3 month Japaniversary we thought we’d go back to basics and search out a little Colorado comfort food most people like tp call Mexican food!

We heard some good reviews about a place called Desperados, so we jumped on the subway took it just 3 stops and found the place without any difficulties all thanks to Mikes awesome navigation skills.

As you would expect Japan isnt exactly known for its Mexican food. So we were a little weary about the cost vs. quality. But the atmosphere was cozy, and the tequila selection was promising! Of course I ordered a Margarita (600 yen) because when in Rome…. Mike had a classic Tecate ( 550 yen ).

Dinner was actually delicious! We had nachos, guac, fajitas, and enchiladas followed by a few more drinks and it was all extremely tasty! Everything is homemade and handmade. What’s great is that the portion sizes are still Japanese standard which means you can finish your plate and feel the perfect amount of full. Unlike in the states where you immediately need to find the nearest couch. I wonder what month 4 will be like?!

Kanpai to 3 months!






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  1. Once again, thank you for my free trip to parts and customs of Japan. It has never been a place I was dying to visit, but your blog is so fun, I would love to be with you. Alyssa, you make it all come to life. Michele, I have never seen you look happier. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey. May the adventure continue! Danny

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