Field trip with our Japanese teacher

Field trip with our Japanese teacher

A few Sundays ago we went on a field trip with our Japanese teacher Keikosan! Ever since the beginning of January Mike and I have been taking Japanese classes every Monday for 1.5 hours. Our Japanese teacher Keikosan is incredibly sweet and patient which is exactly what we need in order to wrap our brains and tongue around the Japanese language.


Recent Japanese homework

When invited to go on a field trip with her to a local Sake brewery we obviously couldn’t say no! We boarded an early morning train to the neighboring town of Yokkaichi and began our 7km (4 mile) walk through a tiny little town. Along the way we saw our very first plum blossom tree! Plum blossoms are similar to Cherry blossoms just not as popular and bloom earlier then the famed Cherry flowers. We also walked right through a bamboo grove! Literally we were off the beaten path!


Plum Blossoms



Bamboo Forrest

When we arrived at the Sake brewery, there was a full on party going on! This particular brewery offers free tastings and a free tour once a year and the locals were taking full advantage. I believe the name of the brewery is Muroyama because its on the site of an old train stop.

Of course we were the only Westerners there thus receiving a lot of attention. It was a fun experience using our little bit of Japanese and our teachers translating the rest for us.This one really generous kind man even gave us gifts. Mike and I receiving a traditional chef apron dating back from the 1950’sSo far I haven’t been a huge fan of the Sake I’ve tried but the Sake at this brewery was crisp, mild and delicious!

Before heading home we stopped at a local shrine and were taught how to properly pray. Which we will explain more about in our next post. To top of an exciting day we met a few Sake buzzed men drinking on the train, and before we knew it we were drinking with them and Konpaiing everyone else around us!







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