Day 2: Shinjuku & Shibuya

Day 2: Shinjuku & Shibuya

After a much needed nights sleep and a caffeine booster we were ready to explore the city for our 2nd and last day. Since Tokyo is incredibly huge its best to usually just pick one or two neighborhoods per day to visit and see what you can find. So we decided to spend the day perusing the streets of Shinjuku and Shibuya.  First up on our adventure  list for the day was the Aoyama Flower and Tea House. I had stumbled upon it during my pre-Tokyo research and it looked too amazing to pass up. We ended up having the most amazing brunch inside of a greenhouse! It was warm and cozy with beautiful plants and flowers everywhere. We ordered homemade ginger tea, herbal tea, a veggie sandwich and fruit french toast.


Next we ended up meeting up with the Berlin couple that we had met at the bar the night before so they could show us their boutique clothing store, since we were in the same neighborhood. The clothing didn’t really appeal to me and the cheapest item in the store was like 40,000 yen ($400). But it was cool to get a little tour. Sorry no pictures!

We then had to check out the notorious Shibuya Crossing…aka the scramble. Basically its a 4 way pedestrian intersection that gives you maybe 50 seconds to cross while 1000’s of other people are doing the exact same thing. Just a bit of chaos.


We worked our way over to Takeshita St. in Harajuku which is where all the crazy Japanese fashion is supposed to be. But all we experienced were hoards of tourists just like us. It was actually quiet uneventful and way too stressful. The streets were so busy and small that you couldn’t even really stop to look into any of the stores you just had to keep slowly being herded down the street. IMG_3688IMG_3691IMG_3692

We did stumble upon the LINE Friends store which Mike was overly excited about. Line is what everyone uses in Japan for text messaging and they have their own set of emojis. One that Mike particularly likes is a dude who has crazy long yellow hair. (I think Mike is secretly jealous of his hair)…anyways they had life size version of these characters in the store so we had to check it out. IMG_3694

The highlight of our day was absolutely without a doubt the Robot Show  and the reason why we saved the best for last! The only way I can describe it, is if you took a bunch of acid stepped inside of a disco ball and were transformed into a futuristic planet. It also kind of reminded us of Burning Man with the loud music, LED lights, and the art cars. We had an absolute blast watching the craziness of it all and highly recommend the experience to anyone travelling through Tokyo.

The last thing we did before getting on the night bus back to Nagoya was take a free ride up to the top of the Metropolitan Government Building to see the night skyline of Tokyo. It was a peaceful way to say goodbye to the massive city. Can’t wait to come back in the summer!




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