5 Month Japanniversary!

5 Month Japanniversary!

Spring is in full swing here in Nagoya, and that means Sakura..aka Cherry blossoms…aka Hanami! The Japanese go crazy for Sakura. Sakura starbucks drinks, Sakura beer, Sakura ice cream, sakura desserts, and I’ve even heard of Sakura dietary supplements that make your farts smell like flowers (every girls dream)! Basically all of these things are just pink with flowers on them. Finally we had a day off so we had time to go to a nearby river called Yamazaki which is known for its beautiful Cherry blossoms. Well mother nature decided she wanted to rain, but that didn’t stop us! The flowers are absolutely stunning! Not only are they beautiful they also smell amazing! Only problem is these treasured flowers only last about 2 weeks..so you have to see them and smell them while you can!

IMG_3803 (2)IMG_3809IMG_3837IMG_3838 (2)IMG_3841 (2)IMG_3843IMG_3846 (1)IMG_3855WP_20160401_017 (2)WP_20160401_025 (2)WP_20160401_034 (2)


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