Our First Hike of the Year

Our First Hike of the Year

It’s April, the sun is out, the snow has melted, and it seems like spring is here to stay! So in Mike and I’s world that means HIKING SEASON! Today we did our first hike of 2016 and boy was it a doozy! I’m going to keep this short and sweet which was the complete opposite of our hike today!

Our Challenge: Mount Gozaisho aka…Mount Chutes and Ladders

Elevation: 1212 meters (3,976ft) …which makes this one of highest mountain in the Mie prefecture!

Elevation Gain: 720 meters (2,362ft) total guestimate

Miles: 4.5 miles one way…which is a complete guess… it was close to impossible to find any hard information about this hike.

Trail: Not quite sure what trail we did…we just kept going up the many ladders and chains..

Details: First of all NOTHING was in English, and the Yunoyama onsen town that we got dropped off at was a complete ghost town.


The only map in town

Luckily, there was one other passenger on the bus with us who was hiking Gozaisho, even though he spoke no English we all helped each other find the trailhead.

Once we found the trailhead the little old man that was hiking with us basically took off at the speed of light, and neither Mike nor I could keep up with him. So we did our best to follow the signs.

The hike was basically a straight up rock scramble. There were many questionable ladders, chains, and ropes that was supposed to help us…

We also got a chance to scramble down steep rocks…


At one point I was too terrified to use the rusty chains provided on a cliff so I chose to squeeze myself between to rocks and shimmy…


Meanwhile Mike is looking like Mr. Smooth…

But the views were pretty nice!

And FINALLY after consuming 2 snickers bars (don’t worry they were MINI), eating some trail sushi, and having a moment of despair we MADE IT TO THE SUMMIT!

Luckily, for us there was a gondola that you could ride to the top of the mountain…so you bet your buttons that we got on that gondola and took the easy way down! 2:30 minutes up…12 minutes down!



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