Kanazawa the City of Gold

Kanazawa the City of Gold

Last but not least on our Golden week Itinerary was the artsy coastal town of Kanazawa. Thanks to Japans efficient railway we were able to board a train from Kyoto zoomed 260 km northwest and arrived a mere 2.5 hours later!


Boarding the train!

We checked into Hotel Trusty which was super fancy and our rooms had actual beds! The last 3 places we stayed in were traditional Japanese style beds, which means futons on the ground. NOT complaining…it was just nice to have a real bed for the next 3 nights! We were all pretty exhausted so we kind of just lounged and hung out before more exploring begin.

We decided to make appointments for much needed massages, and along the way we saw a store named Basile 28! How cool! Too bad the cheapest item was a $300 tshirt!IMG_4467

We decided to rent bikes one day to give our feet a rest. Kanazawa is surprisingly bike friendly, which made it easy for us to venture all the way to the Japan Sea! We guesstimated the trip to be around 8 km round trip. Unfortunately, the actual beach was FULL of trash. I had actually never seen such a sad and polluted looking beach before. The coast we were on wasn’t too far from China so maybe thats where all the trash washed up from. Either way we hope there is a program in place to clean it up!


Along the bike path


What a stud…


We made it! 

Next stop was the Omi-Cho fish market, where you could sample pretty much any kind of seafood that you wanted! Mike and I chose to try an Oyster that cost us $8 and was ginormous! It wasn’t all that bed, if you like that kind of texture.Lou also found a giant Tuna head..poor thing didn’t have a good day!

No trip to Kanazawa is complete without a visit to the Kenrokuen Garden. Being that it is rated in the top 3 most beautiful Gardens in Japan, it didn’t disappoint!

Because Kanazawa produces 99% of Japan’s gold leaf, EVERYTHING in the town has gold leaf shavings on it. So of course I had to get myself an $8 gold leaf ice ream!


We also visited a house where Geisha’s used to live! Even though Kanazawa is a modern city it also has a well preserved historical district known as the Chaya (Tea) district.

FullSizeRender (5)

Our 3 days in Kanazawa were lovely and relaxing. We gorged ourselves on amazing seafood, wandered into little artist boutiques and enjoyed our family time together. All together it was a successful Golden Week Vacation!


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