Who could believe that 4 quick years would fly by and all of a sudden just like that we are engaged! Mike proposed in Paris this past summer on July 9th, 2015 I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this game of life. So here we are just 2 little love birds trying to find our niche, making a commitment to do it together.

Anastasia-Federico Guendel



This is Me… Alyssa! I am a 26 year old who has not yet committed herself to a “big girl job”. Instead, I choose to have jobs that involve, being called “Bubbles”, which undoubtably requires A LOT of bubbling blowing! I also enjoy making hula hoops, cooking, eating, PLANNING, and of course traveling! I have no knack for technology and creating this blog for you all, will hopefully be a successful endeavor! And YES Mom, that is Dirt on my face! Who needs to shower when you have a lake or an ocean at your feet?!


I hope that everyone reading this already knows my name, but just incase you forgot, I am Michele!  I have always loved traveling and I never thought that I would be embarking on such an amazing adventure.  One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting the chance to eat things that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to try.


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  1. Maggie and I are loving your blog blog and have contributed 4 days to your crazy budget… Love to you both and Owen & Isabella will follow your photos too…

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